Range Of Professional Services


Property Management

Property Management is the day-to-day supervision, administration, coordination and control of activities in residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate, including flats/apartments, houses and shops, usually on behalf of property owners who are engaged with other tasks or do not have adequate experience to carry out the management on their own.

Property Development

Property Development is the process of buying or becoming a concessionaire for the purpose of improving and selling buildings as well as land. Our focus is primarily residential developments and apartment complexes.

    • We are actively seeking Joint Venture Partners (landowners and financiers) for the development of properties all over Nigeria.


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Real Estate Consulting

As Real Estate consultants, we provide advice to individuals or companies that are interested in carrying out property transaction(s). This may include any of the following services:


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Agency Services

Our Agency services cover various transactions in real estate that include Selling/Purchase of property, Letting or Leasing. On a transaction by transaction basis, we may represent the owner or the person in need of a property. In the case of a management property, our role as agents is embedded in the property management services.


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